Why should you trust Triton to protect
yourself and your family?

>Because there is no better ammunition available. 

More about Quik-Shok

The most sought after high performance ammunition on the market is now before you. When it comes to personal protection, the best firearm is only as good as the ammunition in it.

Triton offers three premium lines of ammunition. The Quik-Shok incorporates a patented bullet that offers performance once thought possible only with exotic fragmenting ammunition. The Hi-Vel line features a hollow point bullet that delivers broad, violent expansion while giving excellent on-target accuracy. The Hi-Master line offers match grade accuracy and reliability while still making IDPA power factors.

More about Hi-Vel

When assembling our cartridges, we choose only premium components. Primers are chosen for their reliable ignition and non-corrosive properties. Specially selected, high-performance, flash retardant propellants insure high velocity and a clean burn with minimal muzzle signature. Linking these choice components are brass cartridge cases of the highest quality. 

After assembly, more tests are conducted. Heavy clothing, leather, steel, wallboard and windshield glass are some of the barriers that we place in front of 10% ballistic gelatin to simulate real world conditions. To pass Triton's rigorous standards, our ammunition must defeat such obstacles and still perform aggressively, without over-penetrating. In addition, for the protection of those in law enforcement, our ammunition will not defeat body armor.

Quality control is the first consideration in everything we do. Rounds are constantly pulled during production to be pressure tested and chronographed. Every one of our completed cartridges is hand-inspected and put through a go/no-go gauge before final packaging.

Whether you plan to use it on duty, for personal protection or home defense, there is no better insurance policy than Triton ammunition.

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