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For those that want more from their .45 ACP chambered handguns, Triton introduces the new 450 SMC. The 450 SMC is based on a simple principle, to strengthen the weakest link in the .45 ACP chain and boost its performance to new levels. All this while not over-stressing the gun (OEM .45 ACP firearms must be modified with the use of a heavy recoil spring). To accomplish this Triton went to the heart of the problem, the .45 ACP cartridge case. By borrowing from the .45 Winchester Magnum and .40 Super cartridge cases , Triton has come up with a winning combination. A cartridge case that is internally stronger while maintaining the same exterior dimensions as the .45 ACP

By utilizing a case with a thicker web area and wall and combining that with the stronger small rifle primer, Triton is able to achieve its high level of performance. The small primer has the additional safety benefit of providing a visual reference between the 450 SMC and a .45 ACP cartridge.

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The 450 SMC is a great choice for .45 ACP fans offering the flexibility of using both the 450 SMC (with a heavy recoil spring) and .45 ACP from the same barrel. Production firearms for the .450 are available from STI International, 114 Halmar Cove, Georgetown TX 78628, (800) 959-8201.

From the 165 grain JHP at 1,450 fps, to the 230 grain JHP at 1150 fps, the 450 SMC surpasses the 10mm in performance and is second only to the .40 Super.

With its small primer pocket and robust construction, the 450 SMC is the ideal choice for the reloader. The 450 SMC is available in Triton's Quik-Shok and Hi-Vel lines of performance ammunition.

See the Xcaliber 450+ at the STI International website.

The STI International  Xcaliber .450+ is chambered for the 450 SMC. STI also offers the Xcaliber .450 (not shown) on a 1911 stack frame.

WARNING: The 450 SMC cartridge generates higher pressure levels than conventional .45 Auto or .45 Auto +P ammunition. Under no circumstances should 450 SMC ammunition be used in a firearm not chambered or converted to handle the 450 SMC. The use of 450 SMC ammunition in anything other than firearm manufactured or converted to handle the 450 SMC will cause excessive wear and possible damage to the firearm and injury to the user. Under no circumstances should .45 Auto brass be used to duplicate 450 SMC ballistics. The 450 SMC cartridge case is constructed to withstand higher levels of pressure than conventional .45 Auto brass. When in doubt, consult with a qualified gunsmith. Call Triton for more information or for a location of a qualified Smith.
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